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Avoiding a Ban


avoiding a driving ban

There are only two ways that you can avoid a disqualification for drink driving. Either you have a defence or you have Special Reasons for not being disqualified.

We are experts in avoiding a ban and we will do whatever it takes to avoid you being banned for drink driving. If you think that you may have a defence look at our DEFENCES page.

Special Reasons relate to the offence itself and the common ones for drink driving are shortness of distance driven, emergency or spiked drinks. Look at our SPECIAL REASONS page for details of these.


I wasn't driving drink drive defenceI wasn’t driving

This is the most obvious defence but it rarely applies. Remember that the Crown
Prosecution Service have to prove every aspect of the allegation…more

fault in drink drive procedureWrong procedure

This is the most complicated defence and requires expert representation. There is a whole list of potential defences relating to the drink drive procedure…more

fault in the drink drive machineThere was a fault in the machine

The new breath test machines are a lot more accurate than they used to be, but they are not

I drank after I droveI drank after I drove

This occurs when someone is arrested away from the car. It is sometimes called the ‘hip flask defence’…more

medical grounds for refusing drink drive specimenMedical grounds to refuse a specimen

It is a defence to show that there was a reasonable excuse for not being able to provide a sample…more

Special Reasons

If you plead guilty, or are found guilty of Drink Driving, then the court must disqualify you for a minimum of 12 months.

The only exception to this is if Special Reasons apply not to disqualify you. These Special Reasons for drink driving are set out in law. Click on any of the links below to get further information about these reasons.


spiked drinks drink drive defenceSpiked drinks

If someone has added alcohol to your drink that you were not aware of this can be special reasons not to disqualify you…more

shortness of distance driven drink drive defenceShortness of distance driven

It has to be a very short distance but if the court think that it was unlikely you would have come into contact with other road users they can find special reasons not to disqualify you…more


If you can establish that you only drove because of an emergency then the court may not disqualify you…more

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