Reducing the Ban

Need to get back on the road as soon as possible?

We can make a difference.

If you plead guilty the court has to disqualify you. The minimum ban is 12 months, if it is your second within 10 years the minimum is 3 years.

However, they have guidelines on how long they should ban you for. We can persuade the court that your case is different and that they can give a lower disqualification than the guidelines suggest. 

“Your reading was high, 84 in breath. We should disqualify you for a period of 21 months, however after hearing from Mr Williams we are satisfied that your case is unique and for that reason we will give you the lowest ban possible. If you complete the course you will be banned for 9 months. We wish we did not have to ban you but have been told that we have no choice.”(Chairman of the magistrates – Feltham Magistrates Court Oct 2011)

Even if this is your second ban within 10 years we can help, the court do not normally offer you the drink driving rehabilitation course a second time, we will work to persuade them that it is appropriate to offer this course again which will reduce your drink driving ban by 9 months.

If you want to see how we could reduce your drink driving ban call us on 01623 600645 24/7.