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Fault in the Machine

fault in the drink drive machine

The new breath test machines are a lot more accurate than they used to be.

But they are not infallible.

The machines work in the following way – Firstly the machine calibrates itself. A measured amount of alcohol in the form of alcohol vapour set at 35μg/100ml  is injected into the machine. This provides a reading. The reading must be between 32-37. If it is outside that range then the machine may not be working properly. The machine is then purged with clean air and a further reading is given. This should zero.The defendant then provides a sample and this gives a reading. The machine is again purged with clean air and a reading of Zero should be given. The defendant provides a second sample and a reading is given. The machine is purged again with clean air and a reading of zero should be given. Finally the machine calibrates itself again with the injection of alcohol vapour. The reading should again be between 32-37.

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