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drink driving in an emergency

A sudden emergency could justify driving and be a special reason not to disqualify you

In order to establish this you will need to show that there was no alternative and that you have explored every alternative before driving. Examples of emergencies amounting to special reasons are returning home to a babysitter who had received threatening phone calls; driving a friend with a defective colostomy bag to her home; driving a friend to hospital where no ambulance or taxi available; driving to business premises after activation of burglar alarm; driving to escape violence.It is not sufficient if you could have anticipated the emergency.

It is easier to establish special reasons on the outward journey, once the emergency has been dealt with it is very hard to justify driving home.

Often these ‘special reasons’ will amount to a defence – namely duress. It is important to get advice before you attend court as we may be able to persuade the court to find you not guilty as opposed to pleading guilty and avoiding a ban. The difference is important. Not least because if you are found not guilty you will normally get your legal costs refunded, this does not happen if you are successfully argue special reasons.


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