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Optional Blood or Urine Test

drink drive blood or urine test

If your breath reading was between 40 and 50 then the police have to offer you the option of giving a blood or urine sample

This is an area where the police often mess up the procedure

They can only take a blood or urine sample under certain circumstances. Basically these are where the machine isn’t working properly, where there are medical reasons for not being able to provide a breath test or where it suspected that drugs are involved. In these cases the police can insist on you providing blood or urine samples.

If your reading is between 40 and 50 in breath then you have the option of providing a blood or urine sample and we would always advise that you do take that option.

If you have given a blood or urine sample we would advise that you get your own portion analysed as soon as possible and our scientific experts can help with that.

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