Optional Blood or Urine Test

If your breath reading was between 40 and 50 then the police have to offer you the option of giving a blood or urine sample

This is an area where the police often mess up the procedure, it is to change soon and this right will be taken away.

We would always advise that you do take the option of giving blood or urine.

Once you have given a blood or urine sample the original breath sample cannot be used in evidence so if your blood or urine comes below the limit then you should not be charged. The police can do a back calculation if there is a long gap between the breath and blood/urine sample to establish what the reading would have been at the time of driving.

If you have given a blood or urine sample we would advise that you get your own portion analysed as soon as possible and our scientific experts can help with that.

There are a lot of mistakes that the police make in this procedure and it is important that you seek expert advice as soon as possible so that we can identify any mistakes that have been made.

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