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drink drive solicitors leamington spa

Drink Drive Solicitors Leamington Spa

Do you need drink drive solicitors Leamington Spa?

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If you have been charged with drink driving, you stand to face a mandatory minimum 12 month driving disqualification.  This is the case no matter what consequences the ban would have on you or your family.  There is no exception for cases of hardship and we routinely speak to people who will stand to lose their jobs, homes, contact with their children, and suffer huge distress if they are banned from driving.  While the Court may have sympathy for these details, they cannot use them to remove a ban if anyone is found guilty of drink driving.

Drink drive solicitors Leamington Spa can guide you through this complicated and worrying process.  We are experts in all aspects of drink driving and can help you decide on the best way forward.

Your options are:

  1. To plead guilty and build a mitigation case to help the ban be reduced as far as possible
  2. To plead guilty and argue one of the specified Special Reasons.  If successful, although you will be convicted, you will not be disqualified from driving.  The Special Reasons are:
    1. Emergency
    2. Short distance
    3. Spiked drinks
  3. To plead not guilty based on a defence you are aware of – for example, you were not the driver, you drank after you had drove, or you only drove because of a situation of distress
  4. To explore the prosecution papers for any potential technical defence, such as the procedure not being carried out properly or the machinery not working correctly


These options may seem overwhelming, intimidating and confusing.  You should not consider these options on your own.  You are not alone.


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