I Wasn’t Driving

Charged With Drink Driving but I wasn’t Driving.

The prosecution have to prove every aspect of the case against you. 

This means that they have to prove that you were driving.

Normally this is obvious because you will have been stopped driving.

If however you are not stopped driving and the police arrest you later they will have to prove that you were driving. It may be that you weren’t driving and the police have assumed it was you. This might be simply because you were the owner of the car. It may also be a case of mistaken identity, whatever the circumstances we can help with your defence. We can prepare it in detail and will write to the prosecution with a full representation asking them to drop the case against you. We are normally successful in this but if it does not work then we will represent you at court and fight for a not guilty verdict.

Katie Forrest of Forrest Williams

Katie Forrest of Forrest Williams

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