Drink Drive Solicitors Sheffield

drink drive solicitors Sheffield

Drink Drive Solicitors Sheffield

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If you are being investigated for, or charged with, drink driving, you will be concerned about the possible consequences that the legal case will have on you and your life.  If you are convicted of drink driving, you will be disqualified for a minimum of 12 months, unless you can successfully argue one of the specific Special Reasons for the case. 

The Special Reasons for drink driving are:

  • Short distance
  • Spiked drinks
  • Emergency

It is also possible that you could have a defence against the charge, and drink drive solicitors Sheffield will be able to discuss the case with you in detail, review the prosecution paperwork, and advise you about this.  Defences to drink driving include duress, and the so-called ‘hip flask’ defence, as well as many technical defences that are often only spotted on full review of the paperwork.

Whether you are looking for help with damage limitation, by keeping the ban to a minimum; or want to explore all possible defences to try and avoid a ban, you will need legal experts on your side.

We are drink drive solicitors Sheffield and we are specialists in this area.  We are familiar with all forms of mitigation and all complex defences.  We have represented many hundreds of clients facing drink driving charges and have managed to secure positive outcomes for them – in the form of reduced driving bans or by avoiding driving bans completely.

We are familiar with Sheffield Magistrates Court and this too provides you with a further benefit.  We are known to the Court and the local legal community recognise the high-quality of our case preparation, advocacy in Court, and client care.  We are respected by Court staff and prosecutors alike, for our in depth legal knowledge and thorough case preparation.

If you need drink drive solicitors Sheffield, look no further.

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