Drink Drive Solicitors Bromley

drink drive solicitors bromley

Drink Drive Solicitors Bromley

Do you need drink drive solicitors Bromley?

We can help.

We are specialists in the field of drink driving, having many years of experience in all aspects of this complex area of law.

Drink Drive Solicitors Bromley appear in Bromley Magistrates Court frequently representing clients charged with drink driving.

We understand how to craft a strong mitigation case for clients who wish to plead guilty, or who have no defence.  Our skilfully crafted arguments see our clients manage to reduce the lengths of their bans, which must be a mandatory 12 month minimum.

We are also experts in the complex ways of avoiding a ban for drink driving cases:

  • Special Reasons, namely Short Distance, Spiked Drinks and Emergency.  These circumstances are set out by law so that while you will be convicted, if this argument is successful, you will not be banned.
  • Factual defences, such as you only driving because of a duress situation or the so called hip flask defence
  • Technical defences, such as the procedure not being followed correctly


All of these arguments will require specialist preparation and drink drive solicitors Bromley are able to fully explore all of these issues and advise you as to the best way forward for your drink driving case


We never pressure a client into proceeding in a way that is not in their best interests and we understand that while some people simply want the case to be resolved as soon as possible with the shortest ban possible, others are determined to do everything they can to avoid a ban.  We recognise that every client, and every case, is unique.


If you are facing a drink driving charge, drink drive solicitors Bromley are here to help.  Our dedicated team of experts are ready to take your call.  Get the experts on your side.


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