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drink drive solicitors Chelmsford


Drink Drive Solicitors Chelmsford

Do you need drink drive solicitors Chelmsford?

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We are specialists in all aspects of drink driving law and can help you throughout your case.

Drink drive solicitors Chelmsford have vast experience of all drink driving cases. 

If you are convicted of a drink driving offence, you will fall to be disqualified for a minimum of 12 months.  This will be the case regardless of the consequences the ban will have for you and your life, but the length of the ban can be reduced through skilful presentation of your case to the Court.

The only ways of avoiding a drink driving ban are:

  1. Arguing Special Reasons, namely Short Distance, Spiked Drinks or Emergency.  These will see you still being convicted but the Court have the discretion in these cases to not impose a ban.
  2. A factual defence, such as you not being the driver of the vehicle at the time, the hip flask defence or you being forced to drink drive because of a duress situation.
  3. Technical defences such as the procedure not being followed correctly or the machinery not working as it should.


You will not necessarily know whether you have grounds to make any of these arguments and so it is important that you consult drink drive solicitors Chelmsford and discuss your case in detail.  Technical defences can often only be identified following full review of the prosecution paperwork, which we can request on your behalf.


If you are found not guilty of drink driving, you will be able to claim a portion of your legal fees as a refund from the Central Taxing Team, a government organisation. 


If you are facing a drink driving case, drink drive solicitors Chelmsford are the local experts you need on your side.  Call our dedicated team now on 0800 1933 999.