Drink Drive Solicitors Loughborough

drink drive solicitors loughborough


Drink Drive Solicitors Loughborough

Do you need drink drive solicitors Loughborough?

We can help.

We are specialists in all drink driving cases and can help you defend or plead guilty.

We are experts in all areas of this complex area of law, having vast experience of mitigation to help reduce the length of a mandatory driving ban if you plead guilty, and building defences if you wish to protect your licence.

Our clients are good people who are usually unfamiliar with the legal system.  You may be scared of what is going to happen to you, and if you have been searching for advice online, chances are you’ve read conflicting pieces of information and are more confused and overwhelmed than ever.

Drink drive solicitors Loughborough are straight-talking experts.  We understand the law and how it applies to your life and circumstances.

You may have a defence to the drink driving charge.  If not, you may have grounds to argue Special Reasons; specific circumstances where the law allows you to avoid the mandatory drink driving disqualification even though you are convicted.

The Special Reasons are:

  • Emergency
  • Short distance
  • Spiked drinks


If none of these Special Reasons apply to your case, and there is no obvious defence, you may be desperate to explore all avenues and ask us to look into whether any technical defences are present in your case.  We will do this with a thorough examination of the prosecution papers in your case.


And, if you wish to plead guilty to have the matter over with as soon as possible, we will prepare a strong mitigation case to present to the Court on your behalf, to persuade them to impose the shortest ban they feel able to.  We will never pressure you into pleading not guilty if that is not what you want. 


If you need drink drive solicitors Loughborough, call us now for expert help on 01623 600645.