Faulty Breathaliser.

Are you a victim of a Faulty Breathaliser?

The modern breathalisers are much more accurate than they used to be but they can still make mistakes.

The breathalisers work in the following way – Firstly the machine calibrates itself. A measured amount of alcohol in the form of alcohol vapour set at 35μg/100ml  is injected into the machine. This provides a reading. The reading must be between 32-37. If it is outside that range then the machine may not be working properly. The machine is then purged with clean air and a further reading is given. This should zero.The defendant then provides a sample and this gives a reading. The machine is again purged with clean air and a reading of Zero should be given. The defendant provides a second sample and a reading is given. The machine is purged again with clean air and a reading of zero should be given. Finally the machine calibrates itself again with the injection of alcohol vapour. The reading should again be between 32-37. If any of these are different on your print out then it may be an indication that there is something wrong with the machine.

Faulty breathaliser.

The two readings given by the person providing the breath test should be within 15% of each other, if they are not then that is an indication that the machine is faulty.

If you believe that the amount of alcohol you drank can not account for the reading on the breathaliser then there might have been something wrong with the breathaliser. If, for example, you drank a glass of wine and you blew 90 in breath then there is something clearly wrong. We are normally able to give you a quick rough guide as to what your reading should have been and can tell if there is something wrong.

We have a link with the countrys leading expert on breathalisers and are able to commission a report into the condition of the machine and whether it was working properly.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a faulty breathaliser call us on 01623 600645 for a free initial assessment.