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drink drive solicitors leeds

Drink Drive Solicitors Leeds

Do you need drink drive solicitors Leeds?

We can help.

We are drink drive solicitors Leeds and we are your local experts for all drink driving cases, ranging from guilty pleas with mitigation to the most complex technical defences.

If you are charged with drink driving, you will be facing a minimum 12 month disqualification.  If you are convicted, you will not be able to avoid that ban but may be able to reduce the length of it with carefully crafted mitigation and expert representation at your Court hearing.

There are some ways of avoiding a drink driving ban, however, and drink drive solicitors Leeds have vast experience in all of these types of cases.

Firstly, it is possible to plead guilty but to avoid a ban by arguing Special Reasons.  There are three Special Reasons for drink driving offences:

  1. Emergency
  2. Short distance
  3. Spiked drinks


If you think that any of these circumstances apply to your case, drink drive solicitors Leeds can fully prepare the case for you and, if successful, you will not be disqualified from driving for the mandatory 12 month minimum period.


There are also several defences that can be prepared and argued in order to avoid a conviction, and drink drive solicitors Leeds can assist with all of these complex arguments.  Defences can be factual, such as you not being the driver, or technical, such as the procedure not being followed correctly.  We can examine the prosecution paperwork in great detail and discuss the case with you to explore whether any defences are present in your case.


We will listen to you without judgement and will set out your options in clear terms.  We will never pressure you to proceed with the case in a way that you do not want to.  We understand that every case, and every client, is unique.


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