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A few comments about the level of service, care and commitment you can expect from us; as well as our success in defending the cases brought to us.

JS Nottingham

It’s a wonderful service you offer, I will definitely recommend you to any clients we have who need motoring advice.I found myself in a bad situation when I was caught in a driving offence. I didn’t know who to turn to. I came across this firm. I spoke to Steve who made me feel at ease and very reassured. He gave me good, sound, honest advice and looked over every aspect of my problem. He guided me in the right direction to give me the best outcome possible in my situation. And I have to say I was very pleased. I am really thankful with all the help I received and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.


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Mr Ali, Birmingham

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your hard work, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.

J Bailey, London

I sat and listened to 3 other cases of drink driving that were in court before me. They all had the duty solicitor. What amazed me was I got a shorter ban; even though my reading was higher than some of the others!


A Bailey, Brighton

During my recent confrontation with the Police and subsequently with the Magistrates Court, Mr Steve Williams couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive of me throughout. The only means I had of contacting him initially was via e-mail messages but when I received my Advanced Information he supplied me with a fax number immediately so that I could let him read the charge and the witness statement.The advise he gave me was very professional but above all he was so empathetic and kind during a very traumatic time. I would definitely recommend this Company and especially Steve to anyone who has been charged with a motoring offence and is not sure about what to do.Unlike the Police and the Magistrates, Steve actually listened to me and kept in daily contact with me, even when he was not at work. Exceptional!! One very satisfied customer.


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Mrs Beverely, Sheffield

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to advise me. I worked as a general litigator some time ago, and was fortunate enough to have a Litigation Partner who took on many cases pro bono. He was a very special, kind man, not just in the profession to make money.I believe you seem to act under the same principles and don’t use the free call to engage a client. So again, a huge thank you. I believe you have saved us a lot of time, costs and effort had we decided to fight, not to mention the risk of losing. Do you have a favorite charity to whom I could make a donation by way of thanking you for your time?



Mr K Torquay

My name is Mr K****. I called this morning and a lady told me that a gentleman called Steve was going to call me back. He called me as promised and i am writing to thank you for the excellent advice, Steve advised me against appealing my case after he had heard everything. I find this to be incredibly honest, for once a lawyer has not tried to grab my money when he knew there was little chance to win. He called me using his phone and never tried to rush me along. All this for free? There are good, decent people left in this world, still! Thank you!

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