I Drank After I Drove

We get a lot of calls where people say ‘I Drank after I drove and have been charged with drink driving’. This normally occurs when someone is arrested away from their vehicle, it is often called the hip flask defence or more technically post driving consumption.

Typically there is a report of an accident and the police turn up at the address of the owner of the car. The owner is then breathalysed and is over the legal limit.

Having an accident is a stressful experience and many people have a drink as soon as they can. This can be the worst thing to do because now it looks as if you were over the limit when driving.

It is a defence to show that you were not over the limit at the time of driving. To do this you will need an experts report. The expert will need to know exactly how much you had to drink and when. Once they have this information then they can ‘back calculate’ the reading. In other words they start with the reading you gave at the police station and then subtract the alcohol that you consumed after driving. If the figure is below the legal limit then you have a defence.

This is not as straight forward as it sounds because the expert will also need to show that the drinking pattern is consistent with the breath test results. Often the report will come back saying that the driver would have been under the limit but to get to that reading he would have needed to have drunk a lot more than he has indicated.

We are experts in this area of law and have handled many defences such as this successfully. We will work with you throughout the matter, taking instructions carefully to make sure that an accurate record is given to the expert to prepare a report. We will liaise with the Prosecution and court throughout and will ensure that you are represented in court by an experienced advocate to present your case in a way that maximises your chances of keeping your licence.

It is important that you get legal advice as soon as possible in relation to this. We work closely with a very succesful expert witness and are able to provide you with a report and advise on the prospects of success.

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