Drink Driving Law


The law relating to drink driving is very complex in parts.

Most general, high street solicitors do not have the necessary expertise to  be able to advise on the more complex areas of the law. If you are facing a charge it is important to talk to a Specialist Drink Driving Solicitor.

procedural errors

The Following pages will give a guide to the drink driving laws as contained in the Road Traffic Act 1988

Most of these will require expert advice and representation.  Click on any of the following to get further information about these laws.


Drink driving offences

A person who, when driving or attempting to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place, is unfit to drive through drink or drugs is guilty of an offence…more


Wrong procedure

This is the most complicated defence and requires expert representation. There is a whole list of potential defences relating to the drink drive procedure…more


Preliminary (roadside) breath tests

The first step of most drink driving investigations is when the police ask a driver to provide a sample after they have stopped him…more


Police station breath tests

If you fail the initial breath test in the police car, or the police think that you are drunk or under the influence of drugs you will be taken to the police station and asked to provide a breath specimen…more


Drink drive limit

What the limits are for drink driving, in breath, blood and urine, and what they mean in practical terms…more


Drunk in charge or driving?

What is the difference between being in charge of a car and driving…more


Failing to provide a specimen

What happens if you don’t, or can’t provide a specimen…more


Optional blood or urine test

If you provide a breath specimen that is over 40 but below 50 you should be given the option of replacing it with blood or urine…more


Police powers to enter your property

If the police don’t catch you driving, can they enter your property if they suspect you of drink driving…more


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