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drink drive solicitors chesterfield


Drink Drive Solicitors Chesterfield

Are you looking for drink drive solicitors Chesterfield?

We can help.

If you have been charged with drink driving, you will need an expert legal team to guide you through what is likely to happen and what you should do.  You may be unfamiliar with the legal system and nervous about the impact this case could have on you. 

If you are convicted of drink driving, you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of 12 months.  People often ask us whether they can avoid this ban because of the hardship it would cause them, but the Court must disqualify you if they find you guilty. 

The only way of avoiding this ban if you are convicted is by arguing Special Reasons.  There are three Special Reasons set out in law, and if you successfully argue any of these circumstances, you will be convicted but not disqualified.

The Special Reasons for drink driving are:

  • Emergency
  • Short distance
  • Spiked drinks


As well as these, there are many defences you can argue.  Drink drive solicitors Chesterfield are experts with deep knowledge of all drink driving defences, such as duress and the hip flask defence, and the many technical defences.  Technical defences are often only identified following a thorough review of the prosecution papers.


You will never be pressured into proceeding with your case in any way that you are not comfortable with.  We will review your case thoroughly and advise you as to the best way forward, but it is your case and we act on your instructions.  If you have a strong defence, you will be told.  If you have a weak defence, you will be told.  We believe that being open and honest is the best way to help you prepare for the possible outcome of your case.


If you have been charged with a drink driving offence, call drink drive solicitors Chesterfield now for expert help.  We are ready to take your call on 01623 600645.