If you have been charged with Drink Driving it is important that you are represented by a specialist drink driving solicitor.

We can make a difference. Even if you have to plead guilty, we can reduce the level of disqualification by months; meaning you get back on the road much quicker and making a big difference to your family’s income.

We take the stress out of appearing at court. We will do all of the talking on your behalf. You will not need to talk to the court except to give your name and address. We do the rest.

Why we think you will be confident in asking us to defend you.

  • You get the best chance of keeping your licence.

Our first priority is to find a defence for you. We know it is important that you keep your licence and we will explore every avenue to try and keep your licence.

  • You Get Personal Attention.

As professional drink driving solicitors we take the time to go through the matter with you in detail. We know that there are always two sides to a story. Every case is personally handled initially by Steve Williams who has over 20 years’ experience in representing people charged with drink driving offences. You can be given his mobile number to contact directly.

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

  • You Can Speak To Us At A Time To Suit You.

You may find it difficult to talk about this at work or around family. We are happy to discuss the case with you in the evenings or weekend.

  • You Get As Much Support As You Need.

We know that facing a drink driving charge can be stressful. We stand by you every step of the way. We will be with you in court, speak on your behalf and make sure that the court hear your side of the story.

  • You Can Keep This Confidential.

You may not want anyone to know that you have been charged with a drink driving offence. All of our advice is confidential. We will not discuss it with anyone without your permission; that includes your spouse, parents or boss.

  • You Will Know Exactly How Much It Will Cost.

We only work on a fixed fee basis. Once we have done an initial assessment of your case we will tell you how much it will cost. This is a guaranteed fixed fee assuming the case finishes on the day. In the unusual circumstances of it going over onto another day we will charge a smaller refresher fee. You can be confident in our knowledge. Drink driving is a complex matter and should not be left to a general solicitor. We specialise in motoring law, it’s all we do so we are completely up to date with all of the law and defences.

  • You Can & Will Be Kept Up To Date With Your Case.

Your calls will be returned the same day, every time, no exception. Emails will be answered the same day.

  • Others Trust Us.

You can read our testimonials to see what others say about us.

We are considered by the prestigious worldwide Legal 500 as leaders in our field.

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Our reputation depends on us getting good results every time for our clients. A large proportion of our cases come from other lawyers recommending us.

If you want to see what difference an expert can make call us for free initial advice any time on 01623 600645