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Do you have a Drink Driving Defence?

Sometimes the police mess up the procedure which means you may have a defence and can avoid a ban altogether. We specialise in finding drink driving defences.

This is not a complete list of drink driving defences but will give you a guide to the common mistakes made by the police.

An experienced lawyer will often be able to tell from the feel of the case that something just isn’t right. Sometimes however it is obvious that there has been a mistake. Our unique 57 step checklist will ensure that we find any defence. These are some of the more common drink driving defences.

  • Did you get a print out given to you? This is the printout from the breathaliser machine. If the police didn’t give you one then you may have a defence although it is fairly easy for the police to correct this.


  • Urine samples, were there 2 separate samples? This is a common area that the police mess up on. It is not enough if they took one sample from you and put it into 2 containers, if it is one continuous urination with a short break to swap beakers you have a defence.


  • There should be 2 readings on the print out, are they more than 15% apart?


  • The printout should look like this. The zeros should be zero, the first and last non zero should be around 35 (between 32 and 37.9)


  • Did they take blood? Was it a medical practitioner that took the blood? Did they offer you your sample?


For other procedural errors check our Wrong procedure page

I wasn’t driving

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There was a fault in the machine

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I drank after I drove

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Medical grounds to refuse a specimen

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