9 Month Ban For Drink Driving Client

Drink Driving Representation – The Support You Need


Forrest Williams were very proud to recently represent a man charged with drink driving.


Mr Able was a retired professional who had never had any dealings with the legal system, and was mortified to be stopped by police after driving a short distance. He gave a breath sample of 45, meaning he fell to be disqualified for 12-16 months.


Mr Able was an absolute gentleman throughout the preparation of his case, thanking our team profusely for everything done on his case and even worrying that his appearance in court may bring his former profession into disrepute.


Mr Able was incredibly anxious about having to appear in court, and having a skilled barrister attend with him to guide him through that process, and to speak on his behalf, was a very worthwhile investment for him to make.


It was an absolute pleasure to assist Mr Able, who knew he would be disqualified but wanted to be supported through the process.


We were able to build a mitigation case for Mr Able, and he was represented in court by one of our expert barristers.


He was delighted to be given the minimum ban possible, of 12 months, with the drink driving rehabilitation course offered to reduce the ban to just 9 months, meaning Mr Able will be back on the road before Christmas.


At the end of his case, a very relieved and appreciative Mr Able told us:


Thank you all for your help. You have relaxed me and helped me and even turned this into an uplifting experience – I felt like an outcast until I spoke to you; you stopped me feeling that way about myself.


If you are facing a drink driving charge and would like experts on your side who see you as the person you are, not just a number, call us now on 01623 600645.

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