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Being charged with drink driving is a scary matter. You will almost certainly lose your licence, this can mean loss of job, loss of income and your home. In serious cases you can be sent to prison.The law on drink driving is complicated, the public and the courts view it very seriously. Say the wrong thing in court and you could make matters a lot worse, your ban my be longer and any sentence will be harsher. Yet everyday you read about people who have been dealt with softly by the courts.Why is it some people seem to get away with it and others end up being treated very harshly by the courts?The difference can be as simple as saying the wrong thing. It’s easy in the heat of the court, in an unfamiliar and intimidating environment to word something wrongly. The court may be packed, there may be lots of solicitors sitting around waiting to get their cases heard, the press may be there and members of the public too. You know what you meant to say but it all came out wrong and made it much worse for yourself.

I have sat through thousands of court hearings in hundreds of courts. I have heard every mitigation you can think of. I have cringed at some, sat open-mouthed in disbelief at others, and noted the best ones. I always made a note of the better speeches and analysed them to find out what it is in them that makes the difference. I have also watched the reaction of the court and seen what they don’t want to hear.

When I first started representing clients in court over 20 years ago I was eager to do my best, I wanted to win every case but I still didn’t get the best results I could for my clients. I studied lawyers, I watched the best. I read books about the famous lawyers, here and in America. I revised my speeches, took out the bits that didn’t work and kept a note of all those that got good results. I did everything I could to make sure that the mitigations I presented for my clients were the best they could be.

In short, over the last 20 years I have discovered how to get the best results for my clients. What amazed me was that it was so simple, yet most lawyers I listen to still don’t know the secret, judging by their performance and their results. I use the skills I have built up to get consistently better results for my clients than other solicitors and I still represent clients on an almost daily basis.

I realise that not everyone can afford to be represented by an experienced solicitor that can get the best results for them. I wanted to help more people, but even though I was able to pass on my knowledge to other lawyers appointed by me there were still some I couldn’t help. People charged with drink driving who were desperate for good results but just could not afford a lawyer.I have put together this guide to help all those that want good results but aren’t in a position to pay for an experienced, specialist drink driving lawyer. I reveal everything I have learned about advocacy; what to say and how to say it, as well what not to say.

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

It really isn’t that difficult and the good news is that anyone reading this guide, whether an eager solicitor or a client defending themselves, can get better results.

You will learn –

“How the court works” 

“Why the ushers are so important to your case”

“How to avoid the common pitfalls” 

“What to avoid saying” 

“How to present your case in the best possible way” 

“How to address the court” 

“What to wear at court” 

“How to make sure your case is dealt with quickly”

“How to avoid annoying the court” 

“How to get off onto a good start with the court.” 

In a series of articles and videos I will take you from being terrified of the court proceedings to a position where you feel confident about what to say and how to present both it and yourself in the best possible light.

Lawyers are famously secretive, they are like the magic circle. They dazzle the public with smoke and mirrors when the truth is that success in court is relatively easy.

For the first time ever an experienced, specialist solicitor will reveal to the public tips that only the most successful lawyers know.

Each package come with a voucher for money off representation by me.

At a cost of just £79 you will learn how to get your driving ban reduced. Call us on 01623 600645 for details.