Case Study: Drink Driving Client Avoids Community Order



Following a recent hearing in Derby Magistrates’ Court, client Maria de Silva told her barrister that she was delighted with her unexpected result.


In her discussions with Forrest Williams prior to the hearing for her drink driving offence, Maria had been made well aware that with a breath-alcohol reading of 105mg (which is within the third category), she faced a community order instead of a fine plus the mandatory disqualification from driving.


Whilst Maria had accepted the fact that she would be disqualified for at least 23 months, she was very concerned about being ordered to do unpaid work within the community. This is because Maria was about to start a new job which involved shift work and irregular hours, as well as relocating across the country for the duration of an induction/training period.


As this was a first drink driving offence, and Maria could demonstrate to the court that she is of good character and holding down a professional job, her barrister was able to mitigate assertively on her behalf.


Forrest Williams are pleased to be able to report that Maria was, through the thorough preparation of her case and the professional skills of her barrister, able to avoid the community order she had been dreading. Instead, she was ordered to pay a fine, together with other costs, and disqualified for a period of 24 months. Maria was also offered a place on the drink drive rehabilitation course, the completion of which will reduce her disqualification period by 25% – getting her back on the road in just 18 months.


Maria also had something else to be happy about. The fact that a community order was avoided meant that she did not need to return to court for a second (sentencing) hearing after meeting with Probation Services, thus avoiding further fees.


Maria said she would be happy to recommend Forrest Williams to anyone charged with a motoring offence and that she had felt fully supported by both her case handler and her barrister throughout a very stressful time.


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