Drink Drive Casualties – Statistics For 2013

Estimated number of drink drive casualties by casualty type, Great Britain, 2013


The Department for Transport statistics relating to drink drive casualties are broken down by age, gender, pedestrian/type of vehicle ridden or driven and whether casualty was killed/seriously injured or suffered less serious injuries.


From a total of all casualties (9,930), most of these (5,630) were in the 25-59 years category, whereas the lowest number (390) were in the 0-15 years category. However, the number of older casualties (60+ years) was also quite low, at 590. There were 3,230 casualties in the 16-24 years category, which is closest to the number of casualties aged 25-59 years. However, when comparing these figures it should be noted that the groupings are not of equal age bands, with the 25-59 years category spanning 34 years, which is much greater than for any other category.


Of those people who were killed or seriously injured, 1,070 were male and 360 were female. Most of these (360) were car drivers who were found to be over the legal limit (590), with the second highest figure being for car passengers (360). Those drivers found to be under the legal limit (120) come next, with the remaining figures being for pedestrians (80), other (60) and motorcyclists (30).


The good news is that there were no cyclists killed or seriously injured through drink driving in Great Britain in 2013, according to these statistics.


Another positive way to interpret these statistics is that out of the total of 9,930 casualties reported, only 1,430 people were killed or seriously injured.


That this number could – and should – be lower is self-evident and something that we should all be working towards. 


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