Drink Drive Solicitor at Leicester Magistrates Court

As a specialist drink drive solicitor I come across a lot of clients who are desperate to keep their licence. My job is to find a way to keep them on the road.

There are a number of ways we can do this, sometimes there is a defence. If we can’t find a defence then we look to see if there are any special reasons that we can use to avoid disqualification.

Recently at Leicester Magistrates my client had been charged with drink driving. He asked me to attend to try and keep the ban to a minimum. I went through the papers with him and it looked like the police had made a mistake with the procedure. I advised him that he should plead not guilty.

We went into to court and I explained the defence to the prosecutor who agreed that the police had made a mistake. She suggested that we adjourn the matter and she would check with the police to see if they had conducted the procedure as it appeared they had.

2 weeks later the CPS wrote to us saying they were dropping the case against my client.

The court agreed to refund my client’s reasonable costs so a great result all round for him.

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