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drink drive solicitors nottingham


Drink Drive Solicitors Nottingham

Do you need help from drink drive solicitors Nottingham?

We can help.

Whether you have been charged with drink driving, failing to provide a specimen, or drunk in charge; or are awaiting charge for a drink drive related offence, Drink Drive Solicitors Nottingham are the leading experts in this field.

We are specialists in drink driving, and other related offences.

We know you will want to protect your licence, either by reducing the length of a driving ban or finding a defence so that you are not banned.

We are experts in all drink driving related technical defences, Special Reasons arguments and even the notoriously difficult duress cases.

Based locally, we have local knowledge that will help your case.

We understand the culture of Nottingham Magistrates Court, are familiar with and known by the magistrates and District Judges.  We are widely acknowledged to be the leading drink drive solicitors Nottingham.

Contact our expert team now for help with:
◾Drink driving
◾Failing to provide a specimen
◾Drunk in charge

If you have already been convicted at Nottingham Magistrates Court, it’s not too late!  If you’re looking for the best legal team to prepare your case for Appeal, call us now.


We understand that drink drive offences are devastating and that it is often people with no criminal records who find themselves suddenly facing the complex and confusing legal system.  We pride ourselves on treating every client with respect, warmth and understanding.


If you are charged with drink driving, you will be unlikely to qualify for Legal Aid and will have to choose whether to spend money on a Legal Aid firm unused to the demands of private clients, or a specialist firm who will treat your case with the urgency it deserves.


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