What will my Drink Driving Ban be? Drink Driving Calculator

Drink Driving Calculator

If you need to know what your punishment would be if unrepresented, please use our drink driving calculator below. Remember, Forrest Williams can often reduce this punishment on many technicalities in court.


What specimen was used to determine your alcohol level?

What was your reading?

Were there any other factors, from the list below, in the incident indicating further liability?

Were you travelling with any passengers?
Was the level of traffic and/or pedestrians high?
Were there any adverse weather or road conditions?
Was there any evidence of unacceptable driving?
Were you involved in an accident?
Were you driving a goods vehicle, towing a trailer or caravan?
Were you driving a hire or a reward vehicle? E.g. a public transport vehicle
Was the offence near a school, or any other public place?

Is this your second offence in the last 10 years?

Your likely ban is:

24 months

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