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drink driving solicitors mansfield

Drink Driving Solicitors Mansfield – Case Study

Our drink driving solicitors Mansfield were at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court this week, where Roger Buxton expressed his sincere thanks to Steve Williams, of Forrest Williams Legal Ltd, for helping him to achieve a better outcome than he had anticipated.

Roger, who had been charged with a drink driving offence with a breath reading of 59, was ordered to pay financial penalties (fine, costs and victim surcharge) and was disqualified from driving for a period of 12 months. On completion of the drink drive rehabilitation course (which will reduce the disqualification period by 25%), Roger will be able to drive again as usual in just 9 months.

The magistrates’ sentencing guidelines for this drink driving offence indicate that Roger should have realistically been looking at a disqualification period of around 16 months. He had therefore been expecting this result, although he hoped that being professionally represented at the hearing would help to persuade the court to be more lenient when sentencing him. Roger considered the money he had spent on legal representation as an investment, as he needed to drive again as soon as possible for work purposes.

Roger, who works 12 hour shifts for an engineering company, told us that he had held his driving licence for more than 30 years and that in all that time it had never been endorsed with any penalty points. He had, however, been disqualified once for a drink driving offence but this had been a long time ago. He told us that this previous offence had made him very aware of the need to be careful when drinking and planning to drive.

In Roger’s case, as with so many of our clients, the events which led up to him being charged with a drink driving offence were not straightforward.  As drink driving solicitors Mansfield know all too well, there is always a story behind an offence.

Roger told us that, on the date in question, he had taken a couple of elderly relatives out for lunch and was driving them home when he noticed blue flashing lights some distance behind him. He indicated that he was going to pull over, and as he did so the car behind him ran into the back of his vehicle.

As other police officers then became involved in the collision, which was an indirect result of the police pursuit which had been in progress at the time, Roger was asked to give a specimen of breath at the roadside. As he was found to be over the legal limit to drive, he was taken back to the police station, breath tested again and subsequently charged with a drink driving offence.

Roger told us that he had felt fine to drive, having had a couple of pints of beer with his lunch (one of which was bought for him as a thank you for the meal, ironically). However, he accepted that he should not have driven after drinking, as he was aware of the risks involved.

Roger therefore pleaded guilty to the drink driving offence and our Steve Williams advanced mitigation on his behalf. Whilst the court could not condone his behaviour, they were mindful that Roger had been involved in the collision – and all that followed – as a result of other things happening in the area at that time.

It says much about Roger’s good nature that one of the things which bothered him most about the disqualification period was how he would best be able to continue to support his elderly mother, who has dementia and lives alone. Steve Williams was able to put this across to the court effectively, given the emotional distance afforded to a legal advocate skilled in mitigation for drink driving offences.

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