Death by Drink Driving: Fatality Blood Alcohol Levels

Blood alcohol levels of reported fatalities aged 16 and over (Great Britain, 2012)


In these Department for Transport statistics, total fatalities include car and other vehicle drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists and also passengers and pedestrians.


Interestingly, the highest number of reported fatalities where blood alcohol level was above the legal limit was for pedestrians – 137 out of a sample size of 158 people. This figure was much greater than the second highest category, which numbered 77 car drivers out of a sample size of 329 people.


The figures for the reported fatalities who tested below the legal limit were higher for motorcycle riders, other vehicle drivers/riders and passengers, although in each case the difference between those under and over the limit is not great (not more than 9 people – passenger category).


However, for the reported fatalities who tested above the legal limit, car drivers, pedestrians and cyclists showed the strongest tendency towards the higher figures, with the differences between those under and over the limit being much higher (up to 47 people – pedestrian category).


The data in these statistics is also presented in the forms of percentages of reported fatalities (over the limit) by time of accident (22:00 – 3:59 and 04:00 – 21:59). This breakdown shows that the highest figures were, in every case, for those fatalities which occurred between the hours of 22:00 and 03:39. Fatalities were therefore less likely to have occurred between the hours of 04:00 and 21:59.


As with all statistics, caution needs to be taken when interpreting figures, especially those for small sample sizes. A note at the foot of this table indicates that the groups for ‘other’ and ‘cyclists’- together with possible bias – means that these results are less robust than for other groups.    


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