A Malicious Drink Driving Prosecution Dropped

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

Steve Williams of Forrest Williams

A Malicious Drink Driving Prosecution Dropped

Anita Harrison received a phone call this week which, she said, meant there would be an end to her sleepless nights.

Steve Williams, Senior Partner of Forrest Williams, had taken a call from the East Midlands office of the CPS, informing him that the charge of drink driving had been discontinued, meaning that the case against Anita had been dropped.

The reason for this was that the CPS had recently received an expert’s report commissioned by Forrest Williams, which supported Anita’s assertion that she consumed red wine after driving, which had pushed her breath-alcohol reading over the legal limit.

Her assertion was supported by the fact that the police officers who had arrived at her house, on the date in question, had taken photographs of an opened bottle of wine and a wine glass, both of which they had marked liquid levels on. These photographs, in turn, formed part of the bundle of documents which were being used as evidence in the case against Anita.

Once a Prosecutor had reviewed the independent expert’s report, however, a decision was made not to continue with the prosecution.

Once we shared this news with Anita, she was understandably delighted. Having already attended Nottingham Magistrates’ Court twice, to enter her not guilty plea and for a ‘mention’ hearing, she was informed that the trial would be vacated and the charge against her discontinued.

Forrest Williams were also very pleased about the success of this case, as the charge against Anita appears to have resulted from a malicious anonymous call to the police regarding the fact that she was a drink driver, when in fact she had had just one drink in a pub before going home to shower and then spend the evening with friends.

She told us she had never planned to drive after having got changed, and that she had arranged for a friend to pick her up – hence the reason why she had opened the bottle of wine and had a glass while getting ready to go out.

Another successful outcome for law firm Forrest Williams, who offer a bespoke service to suit each client’s individual needs.



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