Nottinghamshire Police Cracking Down on Summer Drink Driving

Nottinghamshire police have launched a crack down on summer drink driving.

Statistics show that more people are caught drink driving during the summer than at any other time.

Quite apart from the obvious risk to yourself and other people the punishment for drink driving is very harsh. The courts have to ban you for a minimum of 12 months, even if you are only a little way over the limit.

The length of the ban will increase depending on the level of alcohol as well as other factors such as whether you had passengers in the car, the time of day and the manner of the driving.

Whilst the court have to ban you they can be persuaded to reduce that ban to a minimum and to offer you a course which would reduce it by 25%.

It is important that you have assistance from a specialist drink driving solicitor who can really make a difference to the level of the ban.

In some circumstances there may even be a defence.

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