Second Time Drink Driving With Breath Reading of 102mg Escapes Prison


In Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court this week, Ben Wrigley told Steve Williams, Senior Partner of law firm Forrest Williams, that he was extremely relieved to have avoided the custodial sentence he had been dreading.


For Ben, the experience was a painful reminder of a similar occasion four years ago when he had first been disqualified for a drink driving offence. At that time, he had resolved never to come before the magistrates again. But, during a period of crisis in his life he had make the fateful decision to drive after drinking and the police had pulled him over as he was making his way home.


With a third category breath-alcohol reading of 102mg, and a previous recent conviction for the same offence, Ben realised that he was facing more than a long disqualification period (at least 36 months) and a financial penalty.


Forrest Williams had made him aware that, however genuine his mitigating factors, he still faced the possibility of prison.


However, Steve Williams made the court aware of the personal factors which had resulted in Ben’s error of judgement, and also the fact that he had finally accepted he needed support with his misuse of alcohol.


The court was therefore minded to impose a disqualification of 40 months, with the offer of the drink drive rehabilitation course, which – on completion – will reduce Ben’s disqualification period by 25%.


It is hoped that, with professional support, Ben will now be able to take the steps needed to ensure he keeps his earlier promise of never appearing before the magistrates again.


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