Sheffield Drink Driving Solicitor Keeps Driver on the Road

I was at Sheffield Magistrates Court last week. My client was charged with drink driving.

The police had attended her house after a report from a member of the public. On arrival they breathalysed her and she was over the limit. She explained to the police that she had had a slight accident, had come home feeling shook up and drank a large Vodka.

The question for the court was ‘was she over the limit at the time of driving?’

Our expert provided a report to the court that stated that at the time of driving she would not have been over the limit, the court accepted her evidence and my cross examination of the police officer and she was found not guilty.

This had been a very worrying time for her, thankfully it ended well and the court ordered that her legal costs were to be refunded.

If ever you find yourself charged with drink driving, don’t spend time worrying about it, call us on 0800 1933 999 and we will explain your options and can represent you at court

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