Your Confidentiality is All-Important

Drink driving is a serious offence which in extreme cases can result in imprisonment. In even the less serious drink driving cases you’re licence is at risk.

Unless you plead not guilty or there are special reasons then the court must disqualify you from driving for a minimum of 12 months.

A driving ban can have severe consequences. Many people are unable to work without their licence, simple day to day routines that we take for granted such as taking the children to school become much harder. It is often the driver’s family that suffer as much from a disqualification.

We are able to offer a full service to people charged with drink driving, we understand that most people charged with drink driving are against drink driving but have made an error. We are confidential, unlike other firms that look for publicity we actively seek to avoid any publicity for our client’s case. We understand that people do not always want their family, friends and work mates knowing they have been charged with drink driving.

We deal with drink driving cases every day, we know what to say, and more particularly what not to say to ensure that the court get a proper picture of your situation.

Because we only deal with motoring matters we value your business. We are not a large legal aid firm dealing with dozens of cases a day. You will get our full attention on the day and we will ensure that your case is fully prepared.

We aim to avoid a ban by looking for defences or special reasons as to why you should not be banned. If we are unable to prevent a ban then we will present your case in such a way to keep the length of the ban to a minimum. We will also persuade the court to let you pay any fine in monthly instalments so that you do not have to pay it all in one lump sum.

For free advice and to see how we could help you call free on 0800 1933 999 24 hours a day.

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